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Long Distance Transportation


AmRide’s Long Distance Transportation

AmRide offers you the easiest, fastest, and most flexible options to move you across the State or the Country.
If you are not comfortable flying or with mass transit. We will custom tailor your ride to your specific needs. In your vehicle or ours. You will be driven by a safe, insured, professional driver, meaning you will arrive when you want. We are more than happy to bring pets, plants, and personal items along for the ride.  All AmRide drivers follow our Covid-19 Protocol to ensure your health and safety as well as the health and safety of our staff. 

How it works

The process is really simple.  It is just a few easy steps:
  1. You tell us when and where you would like to be picked up.  
  2. Tell us your desired drop off location and time.  
  3. We arrive at the designated pick up time and location.  
  4. We drive you in your car or ours.  We drop you off at your destination!  
It is that simple. 

Is Long Distance Transpiration is right for me?

AmRide’s Long Distance transportation is great for anyone that needs to travel across the state or across the country.  Here is a list of some of the situations our service has really been helpful for. 

Avoiding Airplanes: Don’t want to fly?  It doesn’t matter what the reason is.  Our Long Distance transportation service is a fantastic alternative to flying.  Set your own schedule.  Don’t worry about making a flight time.  We come to you.  We can help you with a one-way trip or round trip.  You can feel safe secure and comfortable in your own car. 

Snowbirds and Vacationers: We are an alternative to flying or mass transit. Enjoy a tour of our beautiful country, with the comfort and safety of a personal driver.
Moving: Starting a new adventure is exciting. Our driver will transport your car, moving truck, or trailer packed with your belongings.
College Students: Courteous professional drivers to get your student to school. Pack as much as you need in the vehicle.
Auto Purchase: When it's most cost-effective to buy a vehicle out-of-state, the perfect car, just a few hundred miles away. We will deliver your car to you.
Over-sized and Specialty Vehicle Relocation: If you have a truck, camper, or trailer, our experienced drivers are comfortable piloting vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

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