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AmRide GoElite

Limo services offer luxury vehicles but are such a hassle.  Now you can use AmRide service when you want the luxury vehicle experience. We can provide you with a luxury sedan or a 7 passenger SUV. Perfect for when you don't have a car, need more room, or would prefer to leave your car in the garage.

Luxury Vehicle without the Limo Service Hassle

AmRide GoElite allows you to enjoy elite car service without limo service prices.

AmRide drivers have exemplary driving records are trained to deliver exceptional customer service and sign confidentiality agreements. They offer competent, timely transportation service with a focus on privacy and courtesy. Our local chauffeurs know your area well and can make accurate route adjustments to avoid traffic.  Just use the AmRide app to book your ride.   

Reserving your car & driver is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Go onto your AmRide app or visit our schedule a driver page 
2. Enter your ride details; pickup and drop off locations, time, and extra details/special instructions
3. Your driver will call you to confirm the details of your ride. You are now ready to AmRide.

Note: AmRide GoElite is currently offered in limited areas, check your App for availability.