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Chauffeur driver by the hour

When you hire a chauffeur (pronounced shofer) to drive your car, you get all the comfort and service of a limo without the high livery costs! Our drivers will arrive to your location and get your car ready for your journey, provide a pleasant and smooth driving experience, and drive you home at the end of the day, while making as many stops as you like along the way.  Arrive to business meetings, events, appointments, and more prepared rested and on time. Hire a driver for a day or for a special occasions. AmRide drivers are ready to cater to all your needs. And don’t worry, our drivers will not leave your car unattended. They are professionals and will wait for you in your car until you are ready to go home, your driver can even use that time to refuel and get your car washed at your request. Hire our drivers to drive the elderly and young kids to get to  appointments or meet friends easily in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Airport service

Most airports in the U.S. such as Chicago’s O’Hare, New York’s LaGuardia and Boston’s Logan have restrictions where taxis, rideshare, and other livery services are allowed to pick up and drop off people. AmRide changes that. By using your car you can avoid crowded drop off areas and long taxi lines, you get access to true door to door pickup and drop service. This means no waiting, no parking and no shuttles.

AmRide also monitors your flight status to ensure that even if your flight is rescheduled, your driver will be there to get you to and from the airport comfortably. Additionally, AmRide means  family friendly rides, we can drive the family car where your child’s safety seats are securely installed so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety or transporting bulky car seats . The best part is that all this comes at half the price of traditional car services. Hire your AmRide today from the comfort of the AmRide app.

AmRideGo & GoElite

Better service than Uber, Lyft and a Taxi. AmRideGo vehicles are vetted for safety as they undergo a 46-point inspection covering the entire car. GoElite vehicles offer the same quality with a touch of luxury.

AmRide understands your need for an easy and comfortable ride without burning a hole in your pocket. Thus, unlike the big rideshare companies there is NO surge pricing. AmRide provides consistent transparent pricing that you can understand with a proper breakdown of all the costs involved.

All AmRide drivers are interviewed and hired by Local Managers. Drivers are vetted, insured and trained to ensure quality service. All locations have Local Managers to quickly address your needs.

Designated Driver Service

No one likes to wave down a taxi  at the end of the night.. AmRide Designated Driver Service is here to solve a simple yet serious problem, how to get home safely after an evening out when you have your car with you.  . Our designated driver service allows you to simply hire a driver to meet you out and drive you home safely in your car. It is alright if you enjoyed yourself a little too much, our drivers are here to let you enjoy an evening at a lounge, restaurant, or party,


Schools, Medical Offices, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Physical Therapy Centers and Assisted Living Facilities. Ask us how you can equip your office with Technology for effortless and efficient transportation. Easy Administration and Reporting Technology for scheduling and monitoring. No more missed classes and appointments due to transportation issues. Contact us at

Same Day Delivery

Your driver will use their vehicle to transport your goods wherever they need to go. 

Vehicle Transportation Service

AmRide offers the most convenient way to move your car, SUV, RV, trailer or moving truck across the U.S. Unlike any other service, the vehicle is transported to your location by a vetted and insured professional driver. The driver stays in touch with you throughout the journey and gives you location updates periodically so that you know that your ride is safe. You are also free to include pets, plants and personal items on the ride.