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How To Schedule A Ride

AmRide offers trained, insured, and vetted personal driver services, it is quick and easy. Download the free AmRide App (for iOS and Droid) or schedule your ride online. Simply enter your pickup location, select a service, then enter your drop off location and any extra details you'd like to include. Once your driver has been selected your app will notify you and show you their picture. Your driver will call you to introduce themselves and confirm the details. You're now ready to enjoy the ride. Your driver will take care of driving, navigation, help with bags, and make sure that you have everything you need.

How do AmRide's Professional Driver services work? 

We drive you in your car to a destination and back. Make as many stops as you like. We stay with your car, you don't have to worry about parking.

We offer drop-off and pick-up service from airports, train stations, and piers. A driver arrives to your location, helps you with your bags, drops you off, then returns your car to your home. When you return, we pick you up. No parking, no ride-share lines, no hassle.

Your driver will pick you up in their clean well-maintained car.

Your driver will pick you up in their beautifully maintained luxury vehicle.

Enjoy restaurants and events with no need to worry about driving home. Our Designated Driver service utilizes a two-person driving team; The Lead drives you in your car home safely, and the Trail picks up your driver.

Your driver will use their vehicle to transport your goods wherever they need to go. 

AmRide will drive your car, suv, rv, or specialty vehicle anywhere in the country. Just tell us about your trip and we'll take care of the planning and driving for you.

Better driver service than Uber, Lyft or a Taxi and, much cheaper than a Town Car or Limo.

For Your Business
-Save 60% over the cost of a town car
-Entertain and impress clients with a personal driver.
-Reclaim your time and boost your productivity. You work, we drive.
-Arrive to meetings prepared, rested, and ready to go. 

For Your Family
-Airport trips in your car or minivan with your car seats.
-Airport ride in our driver’s car.
-We drive your Children to and from college.
-Student daily drop-off and pick-up for school.
-Having procedure or treatment? We can drive you there and back.
-Seniors, keep your independence. we will drive you in your car or ours.

For Special Evenings and Events
-Anniversaries, birthdays, or vineyard and brewery tours. We’ll take you out and bring you back safely.
-Are you hosting? Provide guests with safe rides home in their cars or ours.

Are you in charge of Schools, Medical Offices, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Physical Therapy Centers or Assisted Living Facilities? Ask us how you can utilize our personal driving services and equip your office with technology for effortless and efficient transportation. Easy administration and reporting technology for scheduling and monitoring. 

No more missed classes and appointments due to transportation issues. Contact us at