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Equip Your Organization with AmRide’s Transportation Technology.

AmRide provides your school, medical office, community, business or sports team with an easy to manage personal technology platform, a local manager and vetted, insured, professional drivers. We deliver service with increased efficiency, at a reduced cost, while maintaining convenience in an environment of transparency and safety.

For over eight years we have been going the extra mile for our clients. We build trust and relationships. You can always reach a local AmRide representative who will provide you with a prompt response to your questions.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs. Passengers receive the consistency and personalized care they cannot get from Uber, Lyft or taxi services. Our local drivers and managers ensure quality service is consistently delivered.



Effortless Administration and Reporting

• No complex set-up or installation, just login, and start
• Easy ride scheduling and monitoring
• Choose the AmRide service(s) that is right for you
• Track expenses, real-time activity and generate custom reports
• Leverage our technology for efficient door-to-door transportation

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Technology for Scheduling and Monitoring. No more Transportation Issues

• Seamlessly book and manage transportation with no need for phone calls or email scheduling
• Effortlessly add and remove individual passengers
• Automatically learns your requests patterns for faster booking
• Save time by uploading multiple rides and recurring rides
• Easy monitor upcoming rides on one page
• Rides can be filtered by passenger/service/status


App-Based Convenience with a Personal Touch

• Track passengers with auto-syncing technology
• Email and or Text notifications are also generated
• Integrated messaging allows quick and easy communication with drivers
• The passenger is contacted by their driver with their trip details at the time of booking
• A local Managing Partner oversees the entire process, the passenger receives a team
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For more information on our technology platform please CONTACT US

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