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Please Note: This is a 2 Step Application. Read through this page and begin by completing Step 1. You must complete both Step 1 and Step 2 to be considered.

AmRide is an award-winning company serving clients in multiple states.

We are seeking independent, service-minded, self-starters to join our community of drivers. Ideal candidates will demonstrate the ability to provide upscale service, safety, and convenience through strong customer communication, punctuality, and courtesy, both on and off the road.

Why drive with AmRide?

  • You set your own schedule. It’s up to you to accept a ride
  • AmRide drives are generally scheduled in advance so you can plan ahead
  • You’re protected under AmRide’s insurance when you are driving customers
  • AmRide customers are best in class
  • You keep 100% of the gratuity
  • You will make more money per drive than driving for Rideshare companies

 What are the requirements to be a driver?

  • Must be 23+
  • Own a reliable clean vehicle (2012 & up)
  • Have a smartphone
  • Must have a clean driving record
  • Be able to pass a Background check, DMV check, Drug test
  • You must be timely, professional and polite

Below is Step 1, once you prequalify you will receive an email (check your spam box) and continue to Step 2. You must complete Step 2 to be considered.

Let's get started with Step 1. Complete the Pre-Qualification form below, wait for the email (check your spam box) and then complete Step 2.

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